The next step is laying the 50 year Advantech tongue and groove flooring, and getting that nailed down.

First, the pressure treated subfloor is laid out and assembled. You can see the 4x4 runners underneath. 

Final steps include finshing up the siding, adding the windows and doors, venting, and the long lasting composite trim. Almost there!

Rafters are secured and we're ready to continue!

Building a 10 x 16 Side Entrance Barn

After the flooring is complete, sidewalls are pre-assembled and fastened and the rafters are built and prepped for install.

Next, we add siding to the end-walls and cut out the window frames in preparation for adding the windows.

The next step is sheeting the roof and adding the end-walls to our building. You can see the start of the end-walls here.

The last thing to go on is the metal roofing and then a final pass to check for quality. We take care when building these barns, and one stop at our lot and you'll see why! We also believe it doesn't stop there - good customer service is our specialty! We're here for you and strive to make your experience with us the best it can be!